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Llangollen (again) and the Great Orme

Let’s be clear straight off the bat: the Great Orme is not in Llangollen. It’s in Llandudno. I wouldn’t want to be the source of any confusion!

As I mentioned in my last post, my mother is in town! And for my day off, I of course was spending it with her. However, the weather was living up to it’s characteristically Welsh weather sort of ways, which means it was just wet (don’t worry, it’s a good thing, that’s what keeps it so beautifully green!). So on this particularly wet and rainy day, I was a little bit at a loss as to what to do with my mother (who insisted that I needn’t entertain her, but entertain I shall!)

We decided to start driving (as often my adventures start) without direction. As we left the village, passing through Llanbedrog, and almost to Pwllheli, we had decided to aim for Llangollen in hopes that it was far enough away that the weather was a bit better.

Well, there was no luck on that front! However, thankfully, Llangollen is pleasant enough that it can be enjoyed in the rain. For all that we were there for three hours, we didn’t do very much in particular. However, my inclination to wander down certain streets differs from my mother’s, so I thought I would just follow her about, and see where her whim took us.

We made our way across the River Dee, the bridge of which was adorn with a collection of various flags from around the world. Combined with the potted flowers everywhere, it made for a fantastic rainbow piercing an otherwise grey day. I wasn’t certain if there was an event that happened/going to happen, or if this was normal procedure for the summer months.

IMG_2684We continued onward, up the hill, beyond where I had visited before. That was where we found the canal. I don’t know what it is about canals, but they are just lovely. There’s something peaceful about them, and somewhat domestically exotic. There we watched the horse-drawn boat, and the small hoard of ducks which indulged in its wake.

Along our canal-wandering we discovered white tents on the other side of the fence, and found signs which expressed the Eisteddfod’s annual event, during which 4,000 competitors from all over the world sing in competition. Unfortunately, we were just seeing the aftermath. Something to aim for next year!

After a little more meandering, we stopped into a shop or two, and I went to spend some thirty pennies (in case you were not aware: the term “spend a penny” comes from having to pay a penny to use public restrooms. In Llangollen I had to pay 30!), which outraged my pockets. Should you find yourself in this area, make sure you have some ten- and twenty-pence pieces handy.


This photo is from earlier in the year when my co-pilot and I ventured here. I wanted to provide a photo of The Corn Mill, and this was all I had

Eventually we succumbed to hunger and visited the Corn Mill, which is a massive restaurant-type-pub right on the River Dee. I’ve been here before, but usually just to enjoy a drink (last time’s drink of choice was a mango cider and just as amazing as it sounds!). This time, I actually got to eat there, and it was just bliss. I had the Tandoori Halloumi Salad, which was just divine. I highly recommend it.

My usual co-pilot joined my mother and I, and we all decided to head to Llandudno and check out the Great Orme. The Great Orme is basically one of the headlands in Llandudno. It requires going over a toll road, which is only £3, but allows you access to the summit where there’s a little kind of historic museum, a restaurant and some kind of photo thing that we didn’t really look at. But the view, if nothing else, is absolutely stunning.

And on top of it–you get to meet some goats!

There are other ways to get to the top–you can hike, you can take the tram, or there’s a cable car which also goes to the top. My goal is to experience the latter, as I hear that it’s the longest (I think) cable car, and the view is just spectacular. Plus–yay gondolas!


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  2. I’ve spent many days kayaking up and down the Llangollen canal and it is such a beautiful and tranquil spot. I love the village there as well… basically I love wales 😂


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