Hopscotch and Woolgathering


I’ve accidentally found my way to living in North Wales. If you’d like to learn more about how I got here, check out my other blog, Scribing English All Over The Place, though the important information for this particular blog, is that I’m from Washington State and now I’m in Wales.

I am familiar with the area, and have lived here for a handful of years in the past. However, this time around, I’m exploring. I’m mobile with my crummy little car(s) and with my copilot/pilot acting as my traveling companion, and between the two of us, we are coming up with interesting things to do and places to explore.

This blog is about finding those odd and out of the way places in the U.K., and with a little luck, onto the greater European world.

And your narrator? Why, that would be me, of course: a 30 year old wanderer who has had a great love of writing since she figured out how grammar worked and how marking the pages of the paper could create worlds. As any true Sagittarian, I have a wanderlust that can’t be satiated, and an ever curious mind which leads me to the depths of philosophy as well.

The latter will contribute to this blog in the following ways:

  • I will be looking at the various cultures from one small place to the next within such a small location, and how they compare to my understandings and views of the world.
  • I will be looking at how we have each evolved the way we have, with the ideas we have, with the attitudes we have, and how society is constructed.
  • I have a great fascination of what creates and compiles reality, both to the individual as well as to the masses. Hopefully on my travels I will find some clues to answers, moving me closer to Truth, with a capital T.

I hope you enjoy what is written within these pages.



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